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Top Social Media Trends For 2020

We are already 7.92% of the way through 2020 and those 29 days have given us time to catch our breath and look at what we at My Social Consultant believe to be the biggest social media trends for the remainder of the year.

1. Social Commerce.

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With the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest being able to help brands sell for the past few years, 2020 will see it rise further.

As sales teams realise the potential for social commerce to be a welcomed revenue stream and the social platforms expecting the additional ad revenues, social commerce will be pushed by all.

2. Social Customer Service.

Chatbots in 2020

Another no brainer for many companies as their customers are already following them on social channels.

Customer service has long been key in achieving brand loyalty. Previous methods of having a helpline or a email address hidden on a website are becoming old fashioned and slow.

Customers demand to be heard instantly. Social customer service allows direct access to the brand and helps boost customer satisfaction.

3. Social Mental Health.

Smart speaker evolves in 2020

At the end of 2019 Instagram began testing the impact of removing the ability to like posts.

They believe that likes determine a users social value and this validation is effecting peoples mental health. If Instagram does role out this globally, then it will have a number of impacts.

First brands won’t be able to measure effectiveness of influence marketing and therefore will push advertisers to pay for direct advertising through the platform.

This will not only affect the amount of ads users will see but will also stop influencers being paid for posts in which Instagram receives no money. Secondly, if a big social platform such as Instagram launches this strategy, how long will it take for others to follow?

4. Social Groups.

Although places such as Facebook Groups have been around for years they are becoming more popular.

These self regulating groups can be about any topic imaginable. However it’s also a breeding ground for discovering influential customers or a great place to test products.

These groups can offer businesses an engaged and reactive audience to sell or interact with. A great example of this is the British Bourbon Society which has 2.5k members.

Distilleries in the US are now contacting and allowing the group to pick their own barrels of bourbon to sell through the group. The distilleries are winning as they sell more bourbon whiskey and the group gets exclusive bottles that they buy in numbers.

5. Same Again

 Marketing to generation z

For the past few years these two things have been in every list going about social trends and this year it’s no different. Video content is still continuing to rise and is forecasted that 82% of all online content will be video by 2022. The second is influencer marketing will continue to grow despite the fear regarding Instagram we mentioned above. However the major change this year is that it will be smaller influencers within a niche group who will be seeing more business.

We hope you have enjoyed discovering our predictions for social media in 2020. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you also want to see how My Social Consultant can help you achieve you social goals then check out our Social Service page.

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