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Top SEO Trends For 2020

Earlier this year we shared with you our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020, now we are excited to share with you what My Social Consultant believes to be the biggest trends in SEO for 2020.

1. Content - It's still king.

Marketing data analysis

Without content SEO is nothing. That means content is not just required but it has to be relevant and valuable.

With Google always updating their algorithms (up to 1,000 times a year), the day when the best content will sit at the top of search results page is getting closer and closer.

If you ensure your content Is the best on the web you are are future proofing for that day Google gets to their goal. Also why wouldn’t you want to have the best content on the web? You want users to look at it and share it, all of which helps with SEO. So it’s a win win.

Optimising content includes looking at the following:

- Character length

- File Size

- File Name

- Code to copy ratio

- Using Headers correctly

2. Zero Click Search.

Chatbots in 2020

The sweet spot in SEO is now 'rank zero snippet' or 'position zero'. These new terms have been devised due to a recent search user trend. Users are now able to find answers to their search queries without needing to click on a page for Google search results.

This trend is now so big that 62.5% of all mobile searches are now resulting in zero clicks.

Don't worry, making sure your website is marked-up correctly (see Number 3) will increase your page ranking on Google and therefore will increase you CTR and organic traffic.

3. Structured Data Markup - Give a helping hand.

Smart speaker evolves in 2020

As mentioned above, Content is key to SEO. To help search engines understand what the content is, they need a hand.

Structured Data Markup enables you to tell Google and Bing (and all other Search Engines) exactly what is on your page. This information is known as rich snippets. These rich snippets can be displayed within the Google's search results.

So if you have a page on your website that includes any of the following, you should be adding Structured Data Markup today!

- Article

- Local Business

- Music

- Recipe

- Critic Review

- Video

- TV & Movie

- Products

- Events

4. Voice Search.

In the last couple of years, voice search - search using your smart devices has increased rapidly. It is now reported that 50% of web searches will be made by voice.

This is only going to increase as 55% of American homes will have a smart speaker in their homes in the next 2-3 years.

To adapt to this new trend, marketeers need to think how people ask questions with their voice rather than typing keywords. The time is to act now in order to make sure you ride the crest of the wave rather than playing catch-up.

5. Mobile - Seriously, this is getting old.

 Marketing to generation z

A blast from the past perhaps, but many companies still haven’t made the leap to make sure their website is mobile friendly. This is crazy and should have been looked at years ago.

With mobile traffic now accounting for 60% of all search traffic, Google and other search engines are going to massively penalise your ranking if your site doesn't have an effective mobile strategy.

Common things to make sure you have covered include:

- Text Size

- Overlapping assets

- Size of clickable areas

- Load time

6. User Experience

This is not just about website layout, but the whole user journey from initial contact through to conversion. This includes remarketing, drip campaigns and personalisation.

Another key factor is speed ranking. In 2019 Google made a song and dance about this and this year we believe Google will be keeping a keen eye on slow pages and penalising sites that are slow.

This is also key for any business as salesforce’s research has indicated that for just a 1 second delay in page load time can decrease conversions by up to 7%.

We hope you have enjoyed My Social Consultant's top SEO trends for 2020.and you see the benefits of SEO for whatever industry your business is in. Don't forget 75% of internet user will only ever visit pages that appear on the first page on Google results page.

If you need any further advice or help with your SEO please take a look at our SEO services here or contact us.

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