It has become common practice to collect data from websites and apps using tools such as Google Analytics and HotJar. However, if you’re like most companies, you’re struggling to understand and utilise the information and convert it into an actionable strategy. At My Social Consultant, we understand data and working with you we can increase revenue, improve profits, reduce costs, and identify opportunities. 


In the initial phase of working together, we will identify and develop a digital marketing strategy. Once this stage is complete we will create a unique dashboard that measures and displays the KPI’s based on the digital strategy. This marketing dashboard will be branded to your company specifications and will show data in a clear simple and visual way.  As our philosophy at My Social Consultant is to be as transparent as possible, this marketing data dashboard will be shared with you and you will be able to access anytime and will be updated in realtime. 


This digital data service allows instant access to results such as advertising campaigns, organic traffic, user journey funnels and many more to enable you to be reactive as possible.


We will create and give you full access to a your own customised data dashboard.

Advertising Optimisation

We can offer suggestions in order to gain better advertising results based on your data. 

Website Traffic Analysis

Learn key information such as session time, bounce rate and engagement rate. . 

Custom KPI Analysis

Working together we will identify the main KPI's that affect the success of your business. 

Realtime Reporting

Se insights in realtime. This allows you to be extremely reactive and always up to date. 

Audience Device Preference

Are your customers using your website on mobile, desktop or tablet. Find out and what it means. 


A weekly report highlighting the findings from the custom  dashboard.

Learn Audience Demographic

Learn key insights about your customers. Learning this enables you to locate futher customers.

User Comment Tracking

Make sure you don't miss an opportunity to connect with your valued customers. 

Advertising Result Analytics

We can make sure your digital advertising is as effective and reactive  as possible, 

User Journey Analysis

Discover how your customers use your website and find any potential road blocks. 

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